Mentor Program

SOS works with school counsellors in providing another layer of support to children who require extra attention. We place trained adult mentors into schools to support children (of all backgrounds, including Aboriginal) who have been identified by school counsellors as needing guidance with peer interactions and succeeding in the school environment. Our Mentors build relationship and trust by meeting with students on a weekly basis, for a determined period of time (up to the whole year). In these meetings, the Mentor and Mentee play board games, make art, or any other activities the Mentee is interested in, while discussing issues that they may be facing. Issues mentors deal with include: relationship problems, making friends, managing anger, teasing and bullying, not being understood, and how family/home life affects their emotional mental health.

Heart of the Matter (HOM)

HOM is a five week support workshop held at schools during school hours. It helps young people who are dealing with the complex feelings associated with divorce or separation. These supportive sessions help children by teaching them tools to adapt to their family changes and become resilient young people.

Students Assisting Students Program (SASP)

SASP is based on the fact that young people will seek out their peers before an adult in times of crisis. Students who exemplify leadership among their peers, within their school, and in their community are chosen by school staff and are trained as “SASP Reps”. SASP Reps, along with a staff volunteer will be trained on the following aspects:

  • Developing and utilizing effective/non-judgemental listening skills
  • Importance of confidentiality
  • The resources available in the community and how to access those resources

Community Helpers Program (CHP)

CHP is peer support program consisting of a series of training modules that provide discussion and insight on topics such as conflict resolution, healthy relationships, depression, suicide, self-care, and helping skills. CHP encourages members of the community to be more willing to step in and help while becoming more attuned to the isolation and pressures that young people may face.

Summer Rec Program (SRP)

SRP is a drop-in day camp for all kids aged 7 to 11. Youth aged 12 to 16 can apply to become a Junior Mentor, which allows them to gain volunteer experience and more responsibilities. The focus of SRP is for the camp attendees to learn and teach how to treat one another with utmost respect. We encourage all participants to grow in this learning and to share each other’s experiences, no matter their religion, race, culture, and creed. We strive to achieve a summer of creativity, making friends, and fostering a sense of self-worth and high self-esteem. The children and youth see the SRP as a safe place for them to feel a part of a team.

  • For more information on any of these programs, please contact the SOS office: 780-743-8605.