Some Other Solutions Child & Youth Program is excited to present seven student mentorship services to different schools and community organizations within the Wood Buffalo region. These Include: Mentoring Program, Heart of the Matter, Junior Mentor Program (SASP), Community Helpers Program, Journey of Hope Program, Sport Play, Summer Camp Program

Mentoring ProgramWe believe that a positive adult role-model is vital to the healthy progression of every child. Our Mentors build positive relationships and trust by meeting with mentees for 30 minutes on a weekly basis, for a determined period of time (up to a whole year). In these meetings, the Mentor and Mentee build rapport and trust through various activities that focus on self esteem, communication skills, and coping skills. Topics often discussed include making friends, anger, teasing and bullying, not being understood, and how family/home life affects mental health.
*For each school, the appointed main referral contact will be required to complete mentee progress surveys, and meet with the Mentor to give mentee updates during the school year.
Heart of the Matter (HOM)Heart of the Matter is a six-week support care program designed for students grades one to eight. These weekly sessions are held at the school during school hours to help students from a recent divorce or separation, explore their feelings and the new change in their family dynamics, adapt to these changes and become resilient young people.
Junior Mentor Program/Students Assisting Students Program (SASP)The Junior Mentor Program is an eight-week support system held at the schools for youth grades 6-12. The weekly session covers important topics such as practical coping tools, healthy peer relationships, self-worth and self-esteem. Having a deeper understanding of these skills will empower youth to help others in the process. At the end of the program , the Junior Mentor team will organize an event for their school utilizing all the skills that they have gained.
The Junior mentor Program is based on the fact that young people will seek out their peers before an adult in times of crisis. Students who exemplify leadership among their peers, within their school, and in their community are chosen by school staff and are trained as “SASP Reps”. SASP Reps, along with a staff volunteer will be trained on the following aspects
  • Developing and utilizing effective/non-judgmental listening skills
  • Importance of confidentiality
  • The resources available in the community and how to access those resources
Community Helpers Program (CHP)The Community Helpers Program is a two-day introductory mental health training designed for young adults. This training reduces the stigma of mental health by increasing community knowledge while obtaining practical skills to help others. Some of the topics include: Communication, Helping Others, Conflict Resolution, Suicide Awareness, Self-Worth, Coping Skills and Healthy Peer Relationships. On completing the two-days training, each participant receives the Community Helpers Certificate.
Journey of Hope ProgramThe Journey of Hope program is an eight-week program that supports youth from kindergarten to grade twelve, in understanding and normalizing emotions associated with difficult circumstances. The program builds on the innate strengths of young people and their families, schools, and communities to further develop positive coping mechanisms. Journey of Hope instills a sense of hope, empowering young people to feel more in control.
Sport PlayThe sports program is a weekly, 60 minute program designed to give children an outlet where they can both exercise and learn valuable life skills. Students are expected to show sportsmanship, teamwork and resilience. The program believes these skills are strengthened through working together in a competitive, active and safe environment. The sports program takes place on school grounds and registration is free and open to children from Grades 4-6. Each program is led by qualified staff alongside volunteer facilitators. Each session is also attended by a certified ATA provided by the school.
Summer Rec Program (SRP)This summer camp is for all kids ages 6 to 11 usually held the months of July and August. Youth ages 12 to 16 may apply to become a Junior Mentor, which allows them to gain volunteer experience and more responsibilities. The camp is staffed with Mentors who lead the kids in games and activities in various places in the community. Our objective is for the kids to have a safe, fun, and healthy summer while growing, and learning new life skills. Playing fair, making friends, respecting boundaries, and embracing different backgrounds are key concepts instilled throughout camp.

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