Coping with the Stress of an Evacuation

This article provides some tips to help your family cope with the stress and changes following an evacuation.

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Helping Your Child Cope With Forest Fires and Evacuations

This article provides tips for parents to help children cope with trauma as a result of forest fires and evacuations.

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When talking to a suicidal person


If the person says things like, “I’m so depressed, I can’t go on,” ask the question: “Are you having thoughts of suicide?” You are not putting ideas in their head, you are showing that you are concerned, that you take them seriously, and that it’s OK for them to share their pain with you.

But don’t:

Argue with the suicidal person. Avoid saying things like: “You have so much to live for,” “Your suicide will hurt your family,” or “Look on the bright side.”

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Stigma and Suicide

by Kevin Caruso

If you had a broken leg, you would go to a hospital immediately. There would be no hesitation, and no consideration about what others would “think.” And after you left the hospital, you would not hide out in your house because you would be afraid of being discriminated against because of your “condition.” You would just go on with your life. No big deal. A broken leg. A cast. And in a few months, a healed bone.

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Linda, Manager of Health & Wellness Programs at Some Other Solutions talks about the connection between kindness and resilience.

How do you know the right thing to say or do when someone is experiencing loss? Linda shares valuable tips on kindness, and how to help family members who are experiencing grief and loss.