World Suicide Prevention Day today

With today being World Suicide Prevention Day, Some Other Solutions is asking people to wear yellow.

SOS counsellor Janene Hickman says wearing yellow is a way to remind people to watch out for signs someone may be comtemplating suicide.

Hickman says speaking with someone who you think is depressed and may be thinking about taking their life is not going to make them do it.

“If someone is really thinking about suicide and taking their life and is doing the planning and all the pain associated with that, a quick conversation or a question from a caring person is not going to put the idea in their head, if it’s not already there,” says Hickman.

Hickman says a conversation lets them know there is someone who cares and follow-up conversations or plans with appropriate health workers can be arranged.

A number of resources can help you including the SOS crisis line at 780-743-HELP, Canadian Mental Health Association at 780-743-1053, and even 2-1-1 can find a resource if you’re unsure about who to call.