Confidentiality on the Crisis Line

Some Other Solutions Society for Crisis Prevention (S)S) places high priority on respecting the rights of confidentiality for all staff, volunteers, clients and crisis line callers.

On our 24 hour Crisis Line, SOS does not subscribe to call display and the conversations are not recorded. Callers are calling a confidential line, whether a land line or a cell phone.

The confidentiality of clients and callers however will be breached when, after reasonable assessment, it is determined that there is clear and present danger to the client/caller or some other person. At this point, our staff and Crisis Line Listeners are trained to contact the authorities (RCMP) in order to reduce the risk to one’s self or others.

Confidentiality must also be breached when an SOS staff and Crisis Line Listener obtains information relating to child abuse. We do not actively solicit information, but will advise the client/caller that if such information is revealed it will be reported to Child and Family Services or the RCMP.

If you have further questions, please contact Alie Warnes, Executive Director of Some Other Solutions Society for Crisis Prevention at 780-743-8605.