On May 3, 2016 Fort McMurray changed forever. Most of the residents’ lives were permanently changed.

While we, as a community, evacuated and fled to safety some of our own stayed behind to save our city. Our heroes put their lives in harms way, they sacrificed health to ensure our safety and to protect what we proudly call home and because of their heroic efforts we will be forever grateful. Let’s showcase for them a glimpse into what they saved. Let’s show them the beauty that came out of their dedicated efforts to save Fort McMurray after the ravaging of, The Beast.

Along the path of healing, if we change our focus on how we perceive a situation or event, we can become more resilient.

And this is what it is all about.

Let’s change our focus. Let’s show them what they saved, and show them the beauty that remains and the beauty that came from their heroic efforts and in doing so we can help our community to focus on appreciation, hope and healing.

The end product will be a coffee table style book with everyone’s input on what they are grateful for. We will give a book to each first responder from the RMWB and Company sites that was here in the first week of battling the Beast. A very small token of the community’s gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifice. This will be done during the time of the re-entry anniversary date of 1 June 2017.

What do we need? A one sentence (or up to 150 word) submission on what you are grateful for, as well as a photo, drawing or selfie showcasing it.Any one individual, family, team, organization, classroom, club or group of people can enter a submission. The closing date for submissions is 14 May 2017.
Stuck on what to submit? Here are a few early submissions to get the creative juices flowing……

There is so much natural beauty in Fort McMurray … But what I most appreciate about Fort McMurray is that feeling of “coming home” when I arrive. Even though I don’t live here anymore I still appreciate the beauty of the rivers and trees – especially the beautiful walking trails and paths through the community. Thank you for saving the trails for families and critters to enjoy all year round.Charmaine Hammond
Thank you YMM heroes for saving our town. Even though it was a difficult summer for all of us we still had the opportunity to have a little family fun and take silly family photo’s.The Bam Family
The book will also be available for sale. Details on ordering will follow a bit later. Profit from the sales of the book will be donated to our local Fire Department and RCMP detachment to support our community.

Submit your stories and photos here

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