Creative Roots Summer Camp

JULY 3rd – AUGUST 3rd  2018

Location: Westview School, 407 Wolverine Dr, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4S6

Creative Roots Summer Camp is for all kids ages 7 to 11. Youth ages 12 to 16 may apply to become a Junior Mentor, which allows them to gain leadership and volunteer experience.

The camp is staffed with Mentors who lead the campers and Junior Mentors in games and activities in various places in the community. Our camp fosters a playing fair, making friends, respecting boundaries, and appreciation of difference amongst the camp atmosphere.

Creative Roots Summer Camp focuses on exploring one’s uniqueness, and creative self through various avenues in leadership development, performance, sports, and in the arts. Creative Roots Summer Camp offers children and youth the opportunity for personal growth through their strengths, and applying their leadership qualities to bring unity to our community. Our camp’s objective is for children and youth to have a safe, fun, and healthy summer while growing, and learning new life skills.

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