Health & Wellness

The focus of the Health & Wellness Program is grief and loss, mental health, suicide awareness and intervention, and advocating total wellness of one’s self.

Grief and Loss Program

Our Grief and Loss program provides presentations, information, one-on-one and group support to individuals and families dealing with some sort of crisis, loss, trauma or every day stress.

The Program facilitates a Parent Bereavement Support Group the first Thursday of every month where anyone can attend to help find support after losing a child or baby.

Presentations and workshops on grief and loss are also offered in the community, often targeting front-line caregivers and other social service staff.

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One-On-One Support

Short term crisis counselling (GAP Counselling) and one-on-one grief and loss support

Group Support

Facilitates grief support groups for parents once a month (Bereaved Parent’s Support Group


Presentations and workshops in the community, workplaces, schools and other venues.

Health & Wellness Highlights

Other Services provided by Health & Wellness program:

Next of Kin (NOK)

When someone dies, that person’s closest blood relatives are notified in a process known as Next of Kin notification (NOK). Some Other Solutions conducts the NOK upon request when bereaved people find it difficult to tell the news to children, parents, siblings, etc. This process is performed by the Health & Wellness manager, who has been professionally trained to conduct this process.

Health & Wellness - Grief and Loss Testimonial

Some Other Solutions provides one on one support for those going through the phases of the grief cycle.

See our events for upcoming community and schedule events.

2017 Health & Wellness Program Reach

People Supported

One-on-One Support Participants

Support Group Participants

Presentation & Workshop Participants

Bearing Your Burden Support Recipients

In 2016, the “Bearing Your Burden” campaign delivered over 600 bears, thanks to a generous donation from Shaw TV.

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