Junior Mentor Program/Students Assisting Students Program (SASP)

The Junior Mentor Program is an eight-week support system held at the schools for youth grades 6-12. The weekly session covers important topics such as practical coping tools, healthy peer relationships, self-worth and self-esteem. Having a deeper understanding of these skills will empower youth to help others in the process. At the end of the program , the Junior Mentor team will organize an event for their school utilizing all the skills that they have gained.
The Junior mentor Program is based on the fact that young people will seek out their peers before an adult in times of crisis. Students who exemplify leadership among their peers, within their school, and in their community are chosen by school staff and are trained as “SASP Reps”. SASP Reps, along with a staff volunteer will be trained on the following aspects

  • Developing and utilizing effective/non-judgmental listening skills
  • Importance of confidentiality
  • The resources available in the community and how to access those resources