Health and Wellness Manager

As the Health and Wellness Manager at Some Other Solutions, Linda takes a very personal approach to her work. When working with a client, she makes sure that they are aware of her mantra: “I am my job as much as I do my job.” Based on her experiences in her own life, Linda understands the different thoughts, feelings, and triggers that are synonymous with suffering from a loss of serious tragedy.

By making a personal connection with each of her clients, she helps those in need make the first brave steps in the healing process.

Before accepting her role as the Health and Wellness Manager in 2014, Linda began at Some Other Solutions in 2010 as the Grief and Loss Program Coordinator.

In her time with the company, she has been responsible with providing different services and support groups to not only SOS, but the Wood Buffalo community. Among these services include her one on one grief and loss support sessions, Bereaved Parents Support Group, the Sleeping Angels Support Group, workshops on grief and loss at Keyano College, and suicide prevention sessions in the public school system. Throughout all her service and support groups, she bring years of experience, maturity and professionalism when dealing with clients, the community or my peers.

Linda has a received various different forms of training and certification during her time at SOS, but relies heavily on her sense of compassion and empathy when working with those in need. She understands that her area of work deals with very sensitive subjects and topics that many people are not comfortable articulating. One of Linda’s most rewarding experiences in her role at the company is seeing people transition from despondent and hopeless to experiencing hope, healing, and well-being. Recognizing that information diminishes fear, Linda reminds her clients that what they are feeling during times of bereavement and grief is not only normal, but part of the healing process.