Lize Bam

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Lize joined Some Other Solutions in January 2017 as the Health and Wellness Coordinator. Before moving to Canada in 2013 she worked within the petro-chemical industry as an Industrial Psychologist, focusing on individual, team and organizational development.  Lize obtained a Bachelor of Psychology, specializing in community mental health, and a Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology from the North West University of South-Africa.

Working in a program that focusses on suicide prevention, self-harm, and community mental health, Lize is eager to find every possible avenue for getting Some Other Solutions resources, supports and services in the hands and lives of our community members.

Lize believes in the importance of developing emotional intelligence and is equipped in helping and supporting others to become more emotionally aware. She believes the insight gained from this, especially when an individual’s life has been compromised, is a key factor in becoming resilient and seeking out the resources and help required on a path to wellness.