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“You can affect your environment through your nervous system and breath. “

MindDesign is for individuals who want to empower themselves through a personal mindfulness practice. We will explore techniques that include physical postures, breathing, meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Who is this program for? This program is for everyone! We all experience forms of stress

1: Mindful Leadership Program

The Mindful Leadership Program is an 8- week training for a group of students who have the desire to lead, inspire and facilitate.

The participants will practice mindfulness, yoga and coping strategies that will empower them in their own life. They will also learn how to teach these techniques to their peers. At the end of the 8- week program, the students will organize a school event where they will facilitate what they have learned.

Grades 2-12

Maximum of 6 students

8 sessions (1 hour per week)

2: Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions

Our Yoga & Mindfulness sessions include physical postures, breathing techniques and interactive activities that focus on concentration and group discussion.

This practice empowers youth to become more aware of their thoughts, words, and actions. The benefits of this practice include flexibility, stress reduction, emotional regulation, increase in self-awareness, and confidence building.  

This program is flexible based on the school’s needs.

ECDP- Grade 12.

Option #1 Yoga

4 sessions (4 hours @ 1 hour per week)

Option #2 Mindfulness

4 sessions (4 hours @ 1 hour per week)

Option #3 Yoga & Mindfulness

4 sessions (4 hours @ 1 hour per week)

Option #4: 1 Time Class

Option #5 School Assembly

Yoga & Mindfulness

3: Mindful Living

These sessions are open to all individuals who wish to develop the essential techniques for mindful living.

Topics Include:

Mediation Practice

Breathing Techniques

Dealing with Stress and the Nervous System

Shadow Thoughts

Group Discussions

Each session will explore various practices that help balance the body and mind. There are many benefits of this practice including, stress reduction, emotional regulation, increased productivity, stabilization of the nervous system and improvement of focus and concentration. This program is perfect for professional development days and more.

*Non-Profit rates available*

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