Worldwide Candle Lighting

For 1 Hours around the globe, this candle lighting honours children, siblings, and grandchildren of all ages who have died from any cause and transcends all ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries.
The name of all the children will be read at the event. Please register your child’s name at Some Other Solutions.
Anyone not able to attend may participate by simply lighting a candle at home – you may still register your child’s name to be read at the event.

what we do

Some Other Solutions has a number of programs and services, each of which is described below. A Crisis Prevention Centre that supports all individuals when experiencing stress, emotional distress, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. We help empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to find the tools and resources they need to better manage life challenges, through 3 main program areas.

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sos core funders

Thank you to our Core Funders who help SOS in making a difference